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Geelong District: Geelong and District Midwives

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Source of Index Pam Jennings with contributions from members of the Geelong & District Mailing List.
Source and/or Location of Records
  • Geelong Advertiser - births, deaths, police courts, inquests
  • various individual contributors
  • Victorian Government Gazette - List of Midwives Registered [various dates]
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Either Midwife OR Child - COMMENT field will explain which
  • DATE: Date of event - birth, death, police court, Victorian Government Gazette date of registration or publication date etc - COMMENT field will explain which
  • OTHER NAMES: Either Midwife OR Child, or maiden name / married name of midwife if not a birth - COMMENT field will explain which
  • PLACE: Place of Birth or Residence [of midwife]
  • COMMENT: Event, explanation of NAME and OTHER NAMES field for EACH entry, and Notes re the Midwife
  • REFERENCE: Geelong Advertiser, Inquest or Victorian Government Gazette date and issue number

In 1956 [Issue 966] the majority of entries contained no address, therefore it was impossible to select "Geelong & District" midwives.

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Ongoing project

Number of entries Updated: 30th December 2013
  • 3,158
  • Some entries for midwives from birth certificates have been duplicated as they contain two sets of names - the Midwife and the Child
  • For midwives from the Victorian Government Gazette registers, duplicate entries have been added where a married name and maiden name are known
More Information? Please don't email asking for more information on any of these entries - I don't have ANY information on them - just the details provided that you can view for yourself.  My best suggestion would be for you to:

a. subscribe to the Geelong & District Mailing List and ask if anyone has further information; or
b. Check the various on-line indexes and databases in case there is a reference there; or
c. Search using Google or similar
d. Browse the Victorian Government Gazette [date on entry] for more details on midwife registered - usually gives full address and date of registration action

Can you help? Please feel free to contribute to this list - either from information from your family history research, or from details on birth certificates.  The only restriction is that the event must have occurred in the Geelong & District region. Email details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Midwives Database [a subset of the full Pot-pourri Database]

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