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Surnames of Interest Tips, Warnings and Info

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The Submitter of Surnames of Interest can be searched to view other names being researched by that submitter.

The following will help you get the most out of searching this database: 

SEARCH    Group ID


The is the Group ID number displayed in the Details window when you viewed a particular entry from the Surnames of Interest DB



"Surnames of Interest DB" is the ONLY valid entry for this field.

To get valid results you MUST either click in this field or tab over it before clicking on SUBMIT.

SEARCH RESULTS          Grid The search results are pre-sorted by Index Entry and an invisible field called Sort Year - IF a year is present and the Index Title fields are identical, the entries will then be sorted chronologically
Index Entry The surname being researched
Date Relevant date for the entry if available
Place The place where the Surname of Interest was located
Comment Characters shown here indicate there is a comment and the full details can be seen in the DETAILS window
Index Title The name of the Submitter of the Surnames of Interest
View Click on this link to see the entry DETAILS
PRINTING Results Grid

WARNING: The print icon to the right of the navigation arrows at the bottom of the results will print ALL entries and not just those that you can see on that page - in landscape mode this will print approximately 20 entries per page.

DETAILS for selected entry "Lightbox"

When you click "View" for a particular entry the details will pop up in a "Lightbox"

A heading and detail will only appear if there is data relevant to that heading.

If the detail was truncated on the Grid display, the full detail will display here.

The headings are:

  • Record ID - this will always appear and is unique to EACH record
  • Index Entry
  • Date
  • Other Names
  • Place
  • Comments
  • GROUP ID - IMPORTANT: make a note of this so that you can search by this number to see other surnames being researched by the Submitter.
  • Index Title
  • Reference
  • Reference Detail
  • Contact Submitter [Surnames of Interest DB only]
  • More Information - appears for every record - FOLLOW THIS LINK to search by Group ID for other surnames being researched by the Submitter


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Home All Databases About the G and D Surnames DB Surnames of Interest Tips, Warnings, Info