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Shelford: State School No. 379 1901-1954

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Source of Index GDHA member - LDS Film 1438887, Item 18: Shelford State School Admission Registers 1901-1954

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Source and/or Location of Records
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of Student
  • DATE: Date of Admission
  • OTHER NAMES: name of parent or guardian
  • PLACE: residence of parent or guardian
  • COMMENT: Occupation of parent or guardian, School last attended
  • REFERENCE: School Register number
Completed Index? YES
Number of entries Updated: 21st April 2014
  • 275 entries
More Information? View the registers on film at the Genealogical Society of Victoria or the Geelong Heritage Centre - the following details are sometimes included:
  • Date of Birth
  • Distance from school - miles
  • Date of last attendance at former school
  • Date of obtaining Qualifying Certificate
  • Date of obtaining Merit Certificate
  • Date of last attendance
  • Destination
About the Shelford School From Vision and Realisation, published by the Education Department of Victoria in 1973:
Probably a Presbyterian School operated at Shelford before the 1850s.  Certainly a Denominational School was established from 1st of July 1853 on the present site, in a wooden building that survived more than thirty years.  Shelford then was called Leigh.  The HT in 1853, Patrick Collins, stayed until the end of 1854.  The longest serving HT, George Hunt, stayed from 1861 until 1885.  In his time, the present bluestone building was erected in 1866.  When the school was taken over by the Department, Hunt remained in charge.  The Church sold the site (originally given by Russell and Bell) to the Department at the end of 1873.  Hunt's successor, John H Betheras had a notable career in the Department retiring as Assistant Chief Inspector of Schools in the 1920s.  Betheras had charge until 1891.  He was the last teacher to use the original wooden building which was demolished in 1887, after serving as an infants room.  Although the township was by this time known as Shelford the school's name was not changed to Shelford until 1908, when Thomas Spowart was HT.  The close association of the school with the Presbyterian Church is indicated by the names of the Committee Chairman after 1911: the first Chairman was the Rev. J Higginbotham who served twice, to 1918; then the Rev D Jones to 1921; and the Rev R Parry three terms to 1942.  After the second World War closer settlement caused such a rise in population as to warrant a second classroom.  This was built in 1966; but population fell from 47 pupils to an enrolment in the 20s.  This gave rise to concern for the future of the bluestone building which, because of its obvious beginnings as a church structure, is of no little interest, and steps are being taken to preserve it.  John Coffey took charge in 1967.
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Home All Databases About the Pot-pourri DB Pot-pourri indexes Shelford: State School No. 379 1901-1954