Geelong: MURPHY's drapery - Sales Books 1879-1883 [GRS 53]

Source of Index Ian Wynd
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  • NAME: Name of purchaser
  • DATE: Date of sale
  • ADDRESS: Residence of purchaser
  • REFERENCE: GRS number and ITEM number
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GRS 53 contains more items including Sales Books and Ledgers - only Items 2-7 covering the period 1879 to 1883 have been indexed to-date.

Number of entries Updated: 3rd January 2009
  • 1,815 entries
About Andrew MURPHY and his drapery store
  • Born c1833 Co Wexford, Ireland
  • Married Elizabeth RYAN c1858 Dublin, Ireland
  • Arrived Melbourne 2 November 1858 as unassisted passengers on ship White Star
  • 3 girls and 5 boys born 1862-1876 Buninyong and Geelong, Victoria
  • By 1875 Andrew had his two-storey drapery business in Pakington Street, net annual value £70
  • Died 1892, buried Eastern Cemetery, Geelong
  • Son Edward continued the drapery business in Pakington Street.
  • Edward died 1929, however his wife owned the premises until her death in 1942.
  • Andrew MURPHY biographical report

Click to view larger imageMURPHY's drapery store [two-storey building, middle left] in Pakington Street.

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