Geelong: Index of Geelong Infirmary & Benevolent Asylum Death Books [1852-1925]

Source of Index GDHA member - LDS Film 1364128, Item 3: Geelong Hospital Deaths Book, indexed, 1852-1925
Source and/or Location of Records
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of deceased
  • DATE: Year of death
Completed Index? YES
Number of entries Updated: 30th April 2014
  • 5,996 entries
More Information? View the Death books on film at the Genealogical Society of Victoria or the Geelong Heritage Centre - the following details are sometimes included:
  • Patient's Name
  • Date of admission
  • Date of decease
  • Number in Patients' Register
  • Number in Benevolent Asylum Register
  • Where buried


  1. Names are alphabetical by year
  2. The years are not always in sequence
  3. Names for a particular year may be found listed at the end of the previous year
  4. Some names are very difficult to decipher and further searching of a death notice in the Geelong Advertiser may be necessary
  5. Some entries for "I" are listed in the "J" section
  6. The register numbers can then be traced in the relevant registers for the Infirmary or Benevolent Asylum registers if they exist
  7. Many names / dates from the index have been checked against the Geelong Cemetery Trust burials and/or the Victorian BDM indexes - where they differ from the Death Books index name, both names have been entered i.e. WHALEN or WHELAN
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