Steiglitz: Borough Rate Books 1865-1878 [GRS 820]

Source of Index Tony Scott, Steiglitz Historical Society

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Source and/or Location of Records
  • Borough of Steiglitz Rate Books, Steiglitz Historical Society - see "More information?" below.
  • The Rate Books are also available at the Geelong Heritage Centre.
  • GRS 820
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of occupier and/or owner
  • DATE: Year of rate books
  • PLACE: Parish / Place where property is located
  • COMMENT: Owner, occupier or both
  • REFERENCE: Page number on which the entry appears for the relevant year.  NOTE: this is the Acrobat file page number from the digital files and not the printed page number.
Completed Index? YES
More Information? Details for obtaining copies of Rate Book entries will be provided shortly!  Alternatively you can view these at the Geelong Heritage Centre.
Number of entries Updated: 10th August 2013
  • 2,952 entries [1865-66 to 1877-78]

NOTE: Rate book entries for Steiglitz from 1881 will be found in the Rate books of other Shires as the Borough of Steiglitz was amalgamated into neighbouring municipalities.  From 1881-1915, Steiglitz was amalgamated with the Meredith Shire.  From 1915-1994 it was amalgamated with the Bannockburn Shire.  From 1994 it became part of the Golden Plains Shire.  At this stage the location of Steiglitz Rate books from 1878-1881 is not known.

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