Geelong District: Police Court Reports from the Geelong Advertiser

Source of Index Pam Jennings
Source and/or Location of Records
  • People mentioned in the Police Court Reports in the Geelong Advertiser - includes those apprehended to answer a variety of offences and those who were witnesses
  • Geelong Advertiser available at Geelong Heritage Centre, Geelong
    Deakin University, Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library, Waterfront Campus, Geelong
    Geelong Advertiser available at State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
    and various other locations on microfilm
  • Geelong Advertiser - earlier years now available on Trove / NLA Digitised Newspapers
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name mentioned
  • DATE: Date of article in the Geelong Advertiser
  • OTHER NAMES: Generally aliases
  • PLACE: Location referred to in the article
  • COMMENT: Offence and other information
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