Geelong District: Felony and Stolen Horses 1853 and 1858 [VPRS 124]

Source of Index Geelong Family History Group and Geelong region volunteers

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Source and/or Location of Records
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of owner or correspondent
  • DATE: of Report
  • PLACE: of offence, owner's or correspondent's address, police station
  • COMMENT: Felony, animal, occurrence or letter book
  • REFERENCE: VPRS number and UNIT number
  • REFERENCE DETAIL: page number(s)
Completed Index? NO

VPRS 124 / P0 / 1

Number of entries Updated: 20th May 2012
  • 429 entries
More Information? View the register at the Public Record Office Victoria or submit a Research Request to the Geelong Family History Group for the transcription of these details and copy of relevant page - additional information is available including telegrams, letters, etc.
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