Barwon Downs: Names on Parish plan [VPRS 16171]

Source of Index Members of the Geelong Family History Group
Source and/or Location of Records
  • Barwon Downs Township Plan from Regional Land Office Parish and Township Plans Digitised Reference Set
  • Public Record Office Victoria, North Melbourne
  • VPRS 16171 / P1 [Gerangamete]
  • You can download a digital copy of this plan by going to the PROV Search within a Series page and enter 16171 for the VPRS number and Barwon Downs for the words. Click on the relevant plan and then click on the pdf link to download the file.  NOTE: A couple of names may not appear on this digital version which may be a slightly different version to the one used for the index however the majority will be on the digital copy.
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of land owner
  • PLACE: Barwon Downs Township
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