Geelong District: Crown Reserves Correspondence files 1852-1980 [VPRS 242]

Source of Index Geelong region volunteers
Source and/or Location of Records
  • Geelong District: local entries extracted from Crown Reserves Correspondence files (1852-1980) - these are generally petitions with locals named in the petition
  • Public Record Office Victoria, North Melbourne
  • VPRS 242 various Units
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of petitioner or organisation
  • DATE: of petition or file
  • OTHER NAMES: Occupation of petitioner
  • PLACE: Location for petition or residence of petitioner
  • COMMENT: Petition details
  • REFERENCE: VPRS number and UNIT
Completed Index? NO

VPRS 242 / P0 contains many units - various files for the Geelong district have been extracted

Number of entries Updated: 28th January 2012
  • 663 entries
More Information?

View the files at the Public Record Office Victoria.  These files contain letters, petitions, maps and plans concerning any correspondence that transpired concerning anything to do with Crown Land that had been reserved for such things as:

  • commons
  • churches
  • roads
  • jetties
  • powder magazines
  • manure depots
  • police stations

There are letters from those seeking such reserves to those opposing such.  Some files are quite large, others may only contain a sheet or two.

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