Victoria: Exiles and others on Pentonvillain ships 1844-49

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Exiles [convicts] to Port Phillip [Victoria] were people serving their sentence in an English prison.  For those who had served part of their sentence, been well-behaved, and were deemed to be suitable for settlement in Port Phillip, they were selected for learning a new trade which would aid their settlement.  They were granted a conditional pardon on arrival and were required to stay in the colony for the remaining period of their sentence.  They were prisoners from Pentonville, Parkhurst and Millbank prisons.  The term Pentonvillain was coined by the local newspapers and referred to all exiles who arrived on the 9 voyages between 1844 and 1849 which part of this scheme.  See "More information?" below.

Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Exile or other passenger / crew
  • DATE: of arrival of ship
  • OTHER NAMES: Name of ship
  • PLACE: Port of arrival of ship
  • COMMENT: Various comments including age where provided and Name variations [between different shipping lists]
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More Information? Additional information on the scheme, the voyages, the exiles and other resources is available from :
  • Ian Wynd, The Pentonvillains, published by the author, Geelong, 1996
  • Public Record Office Victoria - Wiki with more information and links to relevant records on the exiles
  • Keith M Clarke, Convicts of the Port Phillip District, K M & G Clarke, Waramanga, 1999
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