Meredith: Dog Registrations 1864-1866 [GRS 819]



Source of Index Geelong Heritage Centre [Index indexed by Geelong District volunteers]
Source and/or Location of Records
  • The Meredith Road District: List of persons who have registered dogs in the Meredith Road District for the year ending 1864-1865 ... available at the Geelong Heritage Centre.
  • GRS 819 Item 1
  • This has been transcribed and indexed by the Geelong Heritage Centre and can be downloaded.  Look under the heading "Documentation".  If for any reason the file is moved, it can currently [Dec 2011] be found by clicking the Access Geelong Heritage Centre Archives from the GHC home page.
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of person registering a dog [there could be multiple entries in each year for any person]
  • DATE: Year of registration [... for year ending 31st December yyyy]
  • PLACE: Residence of owner

The transcribed file which can be downloaded from the Geelong Heritage Centre [see link above] includes the following headings:

  • Name of owner
  • Number of dogs
  • Register number
  • Residence of Owner
  • Description of dog: sex; age; colour; kind of dog
Completed Index? Yes
Number of entries Updated: 10th December 2011
  • 382 entries
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