Colac: Court of Requests day book 1850-57 [VPRS 16626]

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Source and/or Location of Records
  • Colac Court of Requests Day Book 1850-1857
  • Public Record Office Victoria, North Melbourne
  • VPRS 16626 Unit 1 [1850-1857]
  • A digital copy of the register will be available on the PROV web site - details yet to be confirmed
  • Read more about another NEW find! AND access the full transcription.
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of person appearing in Court of Requests
  • DATE: Date of request / court
  • PLACE: Colac region
  • REFERENCE: Page number - this is the number shown in the transcribed file in red.  Pages are number a & b for left and right hand side page.  This may change depending on the method used by PROV to link the digital images.
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