Geelong: Town Council Employee Pay-sheet Books 1854-1864

Source of Index GFHG and GDHA members - GFHG Document B/GOV/26

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Source and/or Location of Records
  • Employee Pay-sheet Books 23 Nov 1854 - 3 Jun 1864: Geelong Town Council records
  • Geelong Family History Group document [B/GOV/26] - includes page reference numbers.¬† The details are available from the Geelong Family History Group or can be viewed in person in the GFHG library at the Bellarine Historical Society.
  • The location of the original records is not known at this stage, therefore the page reference numbers in the GFHG document are currently irrelevant.
  • It was felt that it was still beneficial to include these entries as it showed that the people names were employed by the Geelong Town Council between 1854 and 1864.
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of person
  • DATE: date range of records
Completed Index? YES
Number of entries Updated: 13th September 2009
  • 486¬†entries
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