Geelong: Ballarat Courier - Geelong in the Fifties c.1907

Source of Index GFHG and GDHA members - GFHG Document B/NEW/30

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Source and/or Location of Records
  • "Geelong in the Fifties": personal reminiscences, old identities, by G T Nutsford, published in the Ballarat Courier c.1907
  • Geelong Family History Group document [B/NEW/30] - full transcript of the series of articles.  The details are available from the Geelong Family History Group or can be viewed in person in the GFHG library at the Bellarine Historical Society.


NOTE: The entries reference a page number in the GFHG document, and NOT the date or page in the Ballarat Courier.  If you use the Ballarat Courier, you will need to search the years of issues for the articles in this series, and then the individual entry in the article(s).

Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of person, place or subject
  • COMMENT: occupation, location or other information
  • REFERENCE: Page number in the Geelong Family History Group transcription document [27 pages]
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About "Geelong in the Fifties"

Articles include:

  • Lawrence & Jones, timber merchants
  • Horse and cattle thieves
  • Wholesale cattle-stealing
  • Checkmating a rogue
  • Personal reminiscences
  • An old-established hotel
  • Immigrants' experiences - A narrow escape from the gallows
  • Dishonest contractors
  • An attempted imposition - Land swindles - A corner in parchment
  • Mr P W Welsh
  • Peter McMahon - Ashby Hotel, Geelong West
  • Cullen and Edols - Captain Melville
  • Big land-owners - William Harding, squatter-financier
  • The discovery of gold - An old tale re-told but a different version
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