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  • "In Old Geelong": an attempt to recapture the past - before we forget, by "Corian", published in the Geelong Times 1921-1922
  • Geelong Family History Group document [B/LOC/GEE/10] - full transcript of the series of articles.  The details are available from the Geelong Family History Group or can be viewed in person in the GFHG library at the Bellarine Historical Society.


NOTE: The entries reference a page number in the GFHG document, and NOT the date or page in the Geelong Times.  If you use the Geelong Times, you will need to search the years of issues for the articles in this series, and then the individual entry in the article(s).

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  • REFERENCE: Page number in the Geelong Family History Group transcription document [48 pages]
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About "In Old Geelong" and the Geelong Times
  • The Geelong Times commenced as a daily newspaper in 1870
  • The series "In Old Geelong" by "Corian" was a regular feature in 1921-1922
  • This series included nineteen articles on various subjects.

The introduction to the series by "Corian":

Young as Geelong is - as history goes, it is old - in places very old, as a pioneer town of Victoria.  Old tho' it is, it is also growing younger - the inevitable rejuvenation of Progress; the old is rapidly merging into the new as replacement of landmarks takes place.  As the modern sweeps slowly upon and over that civilisation of the past which has served its picturesque turn.

The recent Historical Exhibition in Geelong showed how completely this overwhelming is being done - gaps in the city's story were many and wide.  Much had been lost which it is now not possible to recall; every month those who can remember are passing away, taking their little snatches of history with them.

In an attempt to capture some of those fleeting memories before it is too late to record them and the land - and time - marks round which they cling while the marks remain, I have been commissioned by "The Times" to gather these notes.

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