Geelong: Loyal Phoenix Lodge - Memberships 1870-1895 [GRS 64]

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Source and/or Location of Records
  • Loyal Phoenix Lodge No. 63 IOOF, Geelong - membership 1870-1890
  • Geelong Heritage Centre, Geelong
  • GRS 64 Item 1 - [Book 1] 1870-1890
  • GRS 64 Item 2 - [Book 2] 1883-1895
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of member
  • DATE: Dates of membership
  • REFERENCE: GRS number and ITEM number
Number of entries Updated: 9th September 2009
  • 276 entries
About the Loyal Phoenix Lodge membership books
  • The Loyal Phoenix Lodge opened in Geelong 12 January 1870
  • There is some overlapping of years between the two membership books
  • Book 1 is an account ledger with an index of names in the front followed by a page or pages per member as to when dues etc were paid
  • Book 2 is also an account book but the index at the front also shows names and addresses
  • In most cases a reason for a member ceasing membership is given: struck off for arrears; clearance granted; died etc.
  • The card index has the member's name, the year he first appears in the Books and the last date that he appears.  Only the reason of "death" is on the card
  • Various records including minute books are included in GRS 63, 64, and 65
  • There are some women members noted - usually the widow of a male member
  • Original members (1870) often came from other Lodges.  The name of their previous Lodge is given in Book 1
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