Jan Juc / Bellbrae: State School No. 319 1883-1913 [GRS 382]

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Source and/or Location of Records
  • Jan Juc / Bellbrae State School No. 382 - Inspector's Report Books c. 1897
  • Jan Juc / Bellbrae State School No. 382 - School Registers 1883-1913
  • Geelong Heritage Centre, Geelong
  • GRS 382 Item 1 - Inspector's Report Book
  • GRS 382 Item 2 - School Registers
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of Student
  • DATE: Date of Admission [register]
  • OTHER NAMES: name of parent or guardian [register]
  • PLACE: residence of parent or guardian [register]
  • COMMENT: Occupation of parent or guardian, date left school, register number [register] OR Report page number [Inspector's report]
  • REFERENCE: GRS number and ITEM number
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  • 177 entries [Inspector's Report Book]
  • 269 entries [School Register]
More Information? View the registers at the Geelong Heritage Centre - the following details are sometimes included:
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of admission to this school
  • Parent or Guardian
  • Residence
  • Distance from school
  • Occupation of Parent or Guardian
  • School previously attended
  • Date of last attendance
  • Destination / School next attended
About the Jan Juc / Bellbrae School From Vision and Realisation, published by the Education Department of Victoria in 1973:
Once known as Jan Juc, the school opened on 12th of August 1861 with an enrolment of 35.  William Cook, the first HT, remained for sixteen years.  Jan Juc began as a National School with A E Butler as Correspondent.  Later it became a vested Common School under the Board of Education and received the number 319 in 1863.  Of brick and stone construction measuring 28ft x 18ft the school accommodated 60 pupils; it had a four-room wooden residence detached.  In 1873 the Department acquired the school.
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