Geelong West / Ashby: Primary School No. 1492 1914-1916 [GRS 1284]

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Source and/or Location of Records
  • Geelong West / Ashby Primary School No. 1492 - Girls' Register 1914-1916
  • Geelong Heritage Centre, Geelong
  • GRS 1284 Item 1
Explanation of Fields
  • NAME: Name of Student
  • COMMENT: School registration number
  • REFERENCE: GRS number and ITEM number
Completed Index? YES
Number of entries Updated: 9th September 2009
  • 717 entries
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  • Date of Birth
  • Date of admission to this school
  • Parent or Guardian
  • Residence
  • Distance from school
  • Occupation of Parent or Guardian
  • School previously attended
  • Date of last attendance
  • Destination / School next attended
About the Geelong West / Ashby School From Vision and Realisation, published by the Education Department of Victoria in 1973:
Geelong West began under the name of Ashby in the year 1875 as the result of overcrowding of classes being conducted by Church organisations.  In the year 1855, Joseph D Mowbray was teaching at the 'Preston Street School', a school under the direction of the Methodist Association and held in their Chapel.  Starting with 5 pupils, within two years the school became overcrowded and an additional building was erected in 1858.  However, the rapid growth continued and in 1857 these premises had to be vacated in favor of a new school called the 'Ashby Public School', built at the corner of Albert St and facing Pakington St.  This school functioned successfully for several years and, in 1875, a transfer was made to a new school building erected in High St (now Lawton Ave).  This was the Ashby Public School No. 1492, Joseph D Mowbray still HT.  The building was remodelled in 1911 at a cost of approximately £5,000, and later enlarged in 1928.  During 1965 further remodelling was carried out, the old states being replaced by a tiled roof.
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