Whittington: Timeline


Some events in the history of Whittington (formerly St. Albans) :-

Pre-European Settlement Area inhabited by Bengalat balug (Clan) of the Wathaurong Tribe
1802 First European explorers.
January : Lieutenant John Murray
April : Captain Matthew Flinders
1803 - 1835 William Buckley the first European living in the area
1840 Anne Drysdale & Caroline Newcomb set up partnership at Boronggoop
1850s First subdivision
1867 Edwin Lowe builds boiling down works producing 270 casks of tallow from 15,000 sheep
1871 James Wilson establishes St. Albans Stud & Racing Stables
1871 Geelong Meat Preserving Company established
1872 St. Albans Steam Bone Mills established
1874 Geelong Meat Preserving Company wound up
1876 Wilson trained Briseis won the Melbourne Cup, the Derby & the Oaks
1898 St. Albans Estate & Stud is a prize in Tattersall's Sweep
1921 The name Whittington first used for the area

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